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Welcome to 'Spa by Aurarius'

When wishing to treat your skin, body and soul ‘Spa by Aurarius’ is the right place.
We invite you to a world of luxury, pleasure and relaxation at our unique boutique spa. 
It is located in a hidden spot in the amazing downtown La Jolla!
We provide anti-aging facial treatments that combine the latest non-invasive technological curve for aging, with the luxurious skin care line ‘Aurarius’.
‘Aurarius’ is known to use nature’s rarest ingredients for healing and treating all skin types and skin issues for the face and body.
Our renown skin professionals will be ready to perform your desired facial using precise technology to treat your skin type, making it effortless to achieve any desired skincare goals, while relaxing in pure bliss.
We also welcome you to visit our beautiful store “Aurarius” next door, where we offer the necessities to rejuvenate your skin at home!

Our Treatments

We offer relaxing anti aging treatments using unique skin care lines combined with the latest non-invasive technologies for younger and healthier skin.